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Managing SQLite Database with SwiftyDB

Choosing a way for storing data permanently is something that is always needed when developing applications. There are various options we can pick from: To create single files, to use CoreData or create a SQLite database. The last option includes some extra hassle as the database must be created first, and all tables and fields [...]

How To Use Core Spotlight Framework in iOS 9

Every new iOS version brings along both new “goodies” and advancements to existing technologies for all developers around the globe. Obviously, the latest version, iOS 9, could not just stay out of this tradition, so once again developers have new frameworks and APIs at their disposal that let them leverage their applications to even higher [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to NSDate in Swift

If I was ever asked what’s one of the most common stuff I do among all projects, then I would have answered that dealing with dates is definitely one of them. Undoubtably, there’s no developer out there who doesn’t really need to “play” with the NSDate class and handle dates in some manner, no matter [...]