About Me

About Me

Hey there, I’m Gabriel Theodoropoulos, I’m a developer and software engineer, and I carry on my shoulders about two decades of experience in programming! Having worked with many languages, I have developed innumerable programs and applications for various target platforms. I am almost exclusively an iOS developer since mid-2010, but I always mess with other programming and tech stuff too!


Studied at the university of the Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece and acquired a Bachelor degree. Major fields:

  • Programming
  • Industrial Informatics
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Programming Languages & Background

Started long time ago and continuing until today, I’ve developed and keep doing so a really big number of projects and applications ranging from primitive MS-DOS programs (!!!), to Windows desktop applications, web techs, and finally iOS apps. Those projects have been freelance and personal work. Besides them though, there’s also a big collection of programs that either never found their way to the official release, or NDAs prevent me from talking about them. No matter what, navigate around and you’ll get a good taste.

I’ve learnt several programming languages during my life, and worked for a significant period of time with most of them. The following list outlines those languages:

  1. Basic/Visual Basic
  2. Pascal
  3. C
  4. C++
  5. Java
  6. PHP
  7. Javascript
  8. HTML
  9. Visual C#
  10. Objective C
  11. Swift

Amongst all, I’m best experienced in:

  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Visual C#
  • Basic/Visual Basic

I’ve always had a big love in databases, I’ve worked a lot with them, and of course databases consist of a vital part of my apps even today. Starting from the old good days, here’s another list with the database systems that I’ve messed with:

  • DBase III Plus (back in the good days)
  • MS-Access
  • MySQL
  • SQLite

iOS – related work

  • Developed and published about 10 apps on the App Store – Big or small, those apps have been my kick start in the iOS world, a big school and an even bigger load of experiences to me.
  • Work for/with customers and companies
  • Author programming tutorials
  • Contribute open-source code on GitHub
  • Sell components in marketplaces

    • Authorship

      Writing iOS programming tutorials has been a big chapter for me, as I’ve authored tens of them over the last few years. I created my own blog and started writing there, but that didn’t last long. After a while I started contributed as an author in other tutorial websites. Here are the places where my programming posts can be found.

      My own blog’s tutorials also feature on Chupamobile.

      Work Experience

      • Have been working as a developer on numerous personal projects (mostly Windows desktop and iOS apps)
      • Have been working as a developer for/with customers and companies either as a freelancer or as a team member for more than a decade – over the last years I make iOS work only
      • Have been authoring programming tutorials
      • Have worked as a high-school teacher in the IT field
      • Have taught university and adult students focusing on the IT field and new technologies
      • Have worked as an administrative and technical consultant in the local administration offices of the Greek Ministry of Education
      • Have authored handbooks for universities, colleges and IT-related seminars

      Other Skills (Computer-Related)

      • Perfect knowledge of Mac and Windows systems
      • Perfect knowledge of MS-Office
      • Very good knowledge of Openoffice
      • Very good knowledge of Linux systems
      • Very good knowledge of Joomla and WordPress CMS systems
      • Perfect knowledge of computer hardware

      Spoken Languages

      • Greek
      • English

      Other Interests & Hobbies

      • Reading books
      • Playing computer games
      • Playing the guitar
      • Cooking (!)