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For a long time I wanted to write about a specific topic that surely every programmer encounters in his/her programming life. A topic not that difficult, but an important one. That is, how to scroll a textfield to a visible area of the view when it’s obscured by the keyboard and how to put it back into its original position, after the keyboard vanishes.

When building iPhone applications that support or provide text input, it’s often necessary to create some extra buttons (or other controls) beyond the ones provided by the default keyboard interface. Those buttons should be created for specific operations needed by your application, such as moving to the next or previous text field, make the keyboard disappear e.t.c. To understand what exactly this is all about, just see what’s happening when you are using the Safari browser and you type username/password values to login in your e-mail account. Just right above the keyboard, there are two buttons that allow you to move to the next or previous field and a third button that allows you to close the keyboard and see the whole browser again.