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New macOS app!!! PopNotes – Check it out!

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The notes application that lives in the status bar of your Mac!

PopNotes is a note-taking application created for the macOS operating system that runs in the status bar (top bar) of the Mac. It is instantly accessible therefore it makes it really fast to create or edit a note right when it’s needed. Additionally, it provides a set of useful features that turns working with notes into an interesting and pleasant task!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Access Levels in Swift

Welcome to another programming tutorial in the Swift programming language! Today we we are going to talk about a topic that usually everybody knows something more or less, but it’s important for new developers in Swift to really understand what is all about and how it works. It’s quite often for the subject of our discussion not to receive the proper attention, so it’s either misused or not used at all. It’s a topic that the more someone advances in Swift, the more necessary it becomes in order to write better and clearer code. And that topic is about Access Levels in Swift!

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Implementing Drag And Drop Operations Using NSPasteboard on macOS

One of the most common operations macOS users perform and they are quite familiar with is drag and drop. On a daily basis we all drag things around when working on our Macs. We drag files, text, images, and many, many more. Dragging is a kind of action that users expect to find pretty much in every app on macOS, so supporting it in our apps is something we should seriously consider.

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Are you a macOS user?


Then you should really check out my app

PopNotes for macOS!



The notes application that lives in the

status bar of your Mac!