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iOS 14 Updates in UIKit: ColorPicker, DatePicker, Menus and Actions

By the time SwiftUI was announced and given to developers in WWDC 2019, it was made obvious that this was going to be the future for developing applications for all Apple devices. However, even though SwiftUI might be the framework that will dominate on UI creation sooner or later, UIKit is still here, and WWDC 2020 came to prove that with some great additions and improvements announced this year.

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How to Reuse SwiftUI Views with LibraryContentProvider and Swift Package

WWDC 2020 introduced several new features and improvements in the entire spectrum of develpment in Apple ecosystem, and definitely every developer found lots of things to get excited with. One of those features regard Xcode 12 and SwiftUI, and we briefly met it in this previous postabout what’s new in Xcode 12 and SwiftUI. It is the ability given to developers to create reusable SwiftUI views and modifiers using LibraryContentProvider, and add them as new items to Xcode’s library.

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Using LinkPresentation Framework to Present Rich Links in iOS Apps

While I’ve introduced you quite a number of new features announced in WWDC 2020. Let’s step back a bit and check out a useful framework introduced in WWDC 2019. At first glance, it does not look as significant or important as other frameworks, however it consists of a really useful tool when it is needed. That is the LinkPresentation framework, and it provides a handful of built-in functionalities that makes presenting rich links in apps a really simple and straightforward process.

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What’s New in Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3

WWDC 2020 was finished just a few days ago under unprecedented conditions for first time. Virtually, all developers around the globe had the chance for a seat in the front row, being able to learn about all new features and improvements that Apple had to announce this year right at the moment they were becoming available. As always, lots of new stuff and great advancements were introduced, and once again everybody has got really excited and eager to try many new things out.

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