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GTStorable is a Swift protocol which provides standard file operations for types conforming to Codable protocol. Check it out on GitHub!


    GTEasyLayout is a small framework written in Swift which aims to minimise the effort of setting up constraints programmatically when implementing UI in iOS apps. It’s the perfect tool to use when constraints are not extremely complicated and typing a bunch of similar lines for multiple views becomes tiring and anti-productive. Check it out on GitHub!


    A lightweight Swift library for making web requests and consuming RESTful APIs!


A lightweight Swift library to get network status and connection information, and to monitor for network changes.

GTSpinner – A custom activity indicator

GTSpinner is a custom, configurable activity indicator that can be used in iOS projects. It consists of an endless spinner which can have a bullet spinning along a circular path, as well as color trails that follow the bullet. Written in Swift 4.

iOS – Swift – PageControl

A really simple demonstration on how to use the UIPageControl along with a scroll view in iOS. The project is written in Swift.

iOS – TouchID-Swift

In iOS 8, Apple provided a new framework named LocalAuthentication which lets us use the TouchID biometric authentication mechanism to our applications. Here I have created a “plug and play” class written in Swift, which you can add to your projects and integrate the TouchID authentication to your applications without performing any custom implementation at all.