Category: Legacy iOS Apps


Tally-Counter is a quite helpful, easy to be used and simple tool for counting… whatever you may think or imagine. Count people, objects, cars, birds, dots, clouds, ants; Count everything! It’s all a tap away with Tally-Counter being your assistant right into your hand. No more need to remember, no more need to write down to a paper.


To non-Greek visitors:
Leletza is an app dedicated to Greek soldiers, who serve on the Greek army. It is available only on the Greek App Store and it’s addressed only to Greek people. Description and support are also in Greek language.


Lexis is a new, great and amusing anagram game for the lovers of word games! Even if you have already played anagram games on your device, this one will surely excite you! The name of the game is based on the Greek word ‘lexis’, which means ‘word’.

Tag My Photo

Tag-My-Photo is an app for the iPhone which lets you add to your photos Tags, Comments and Dialogues… using speech bubbles and text labels!

Love Teller

Have you ever wondered how much love exists between you and the person you want to be with? Do you already have an affair, are you both love birds and you wish to measure love? Are you single and you want to know if you match with the girlfriend or the boyfriend of your dreams?



So, what’ s that app about?
The AutoXpenses is a great, new utility for the iPhone which will help you to organize and bring order to the chaos caused by all expenses that been done for vehicles. Almost every day, everybody who owns a vehicle, car, motorcycle, truck or anything else, pays for it (or them if there are more than one) either few or a lot of money in order to have it working properly.Fuel fillings, maintenance, repairs or other purchases for the vehicles add extra charges to the personal or family budget.

Manage 5×5


Manage5x5 is an application for iPhone that lets you organize and manage football (soccer) games! If you are a football player or you are just the organizer of such games, if you love playing football but it’s always too hard to make the arrangements, then this application suits you! Get rid of phone calls that last too long, get rid of all the tiring, time-consuming ways to arrange games and stop trying to figure out ways to notify all the players participating in a game. Set up any game you want really fast and easy with just a few taps on your iPhone!

Trifylli – Ole

Trifylli – Ole app is the great opportunity to have into your hands through your iPhone some of the nicest hymns and chants of Athens’ Greek team! No matter where you may be, just feel being inside the stadium and in your favorite’s team tiers, singing and shouting for your team! All chants included in this app are real sound recordings from the stadium! While listening to the chants, watch some great photos, where stadiums, tiers and fans keep rotating on your iPhone’s screen. Don’t lose time. Keep your love and passion for your team alive!

OLY – Ole

OLY – Ole app aims to bring in your hands and your mobile phone some of the greatest chants of the legendary Piraeus’ Greek team! Take now the stadium’s tiers with you and listen to your favorite team chants and slogans, no matter where you are! All chants are real sound recordings directly from the stadium in order to keep your passion alive! While listening, watch photos from stadiums, matches and tiers rotating on your screen.

Mr – iHang

We all have played at least once all-time classic games and have loved for sure some of them, no matter how many times we come across them during our lifetime. So here it is “Mr-iHang”, a new great version of the well known hangman game, where our star is Mr-iHang and it is your duty to keep him not hanged. This game will really thrill you, as the more you play the more you enjoy and get addicted to it. Play either alone or with friends, fight against time if you want and gather as many points as possible.