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The notes application that lives in the status bar of your Mac!

PopNotes is a note-taking application created for the macOS operating system that runs in the status bar (top bar) of the Mac. It is instantly accessible therefore it makes it really fast to create or edit a note right when it’s needed. Additionally, it provides a set of useful features that turns working with notes into an interesting and pleasant task!

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Colors Coder

Colors Coder is a macOS app that lets developers and designers create and manage color libraries for their projects, and then generate Swift code ready to be used within a couple of clicks only.

It takes away all the trouble to implement custom color managers, support multiple themes and generally handle colors in apps – all these are taken care of. Moreover, a Sketch plugin is provided in order to export entire color libraries from Sketch app, import them in Colors Coder and generate code almost instantly out of them.

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PopNotes for macOS!



The notes application that lives in the

status bar of your Mac!