About Me

About Me


Hey there, I’m Gabriel Theodoropoulos, I’m a developer, and I carry on my shoulders many years of experience in programming! I have developed innumerable programs and applications for various target platforms using almost a dozen of programming languages. Since mid-2010 I am almost exclusively an iOS developer , but I always mess with other programming and tech stuff too!

A Few Words About Me…

I have been an iOS Developer since mid-2010, when I started my (almost) exclusive journey to the iOS world and development. By that time, I implemented and published my own iOS apps, authored tens of programming tutorials and articles, and I have been working as a professional developer up until today.

As technology and mobile devices have entered into our lives for good, what I always seek for is quite simple: To be able to create big or small apps that will help people make their everyday lives a bit better, easier, or at least just make them smile! I love coding, it’s my passion, and I devote myself to that cause!

Going several years back, I started creating programs from a really young age a long time ago. During all those years I have developed a really big number of projects and applications ranging from primitive MS-DOS programs (!!!), to Windows desktop applications, web techs, and finally iOS apps. Projects and applications made just for fun, for myself, for friends, for schools, for people who needed them, and for clients after having started working professionally as a programmer.

I’ve gone through several programming languages during time. Nowadays, Swift is my language as iOS is my target platform.

I also have a really good knowledge of Javascript and PHP for server side programming (yes, HTML too). I like focusing on specific frameworks to get my job done, so I’m experienced in using the Slim Framework with PHP, and Node.js with Javascript.

Other languages that I used to work with in the past:

  • Objective-C: What everybody started with before 2014, when Swift was born.
  • Visual C#: Used while still making desktop programs in Windows.
  • Java: Became handy for teaching programming, creating cross-platform programs and web stuff.
  • C++: The base language for every Object Oriented developer. Used to create programs mostly in my university years.
  • Visual Basic: Yes, I’ve been there too… But besides that, I’ve also some good experience in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the language used to create modules, macros, and custom stuff on any MS-Office application. Weirdly enough, I’m asked even today to create VBA-based solutions to MS-Word and MS-Excel documents.
  • And a bit knowledge of C and Pascal

I’ve always had a big love for databases, I’ve worked a lot with them, and of course databases consist of a vital part of my apps even today. MySQL has been my solution for years, and SQLite is my way on iOS. I’ve also worked with MS-Access in the past, and to prove that I’m probably a bit older than what you think, I had my time with DBase III Plus too!


Studied at the university of the Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece and acquired a Bachelor degree. Major fields:

  • Programming
  • Industrial Informatics
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Databases
  • Web Technologies

iOS – Related Experience At a Glance

    • Developed and published about 10 apps on the App Store – Big or small, those apps had been my kick start in the iOS world, a big school and an even bigger load of experiences to me.
    • Have been working as an iOS developer, both as a freelancer and in teams for companies. In that part, I managed to create small apps with just a couple of features, to big-scale apps used by people in various industries.
    • Have been authoring iOS programming tutorials.
    • Have been contributing open-source code on GitHub.
    • Have been selling iOS components in marketplaces.

Other Work Experience

        • Have built numerous desktop applications using mostly Visual C# and MySQL used in production by local and remote clients.
        • Have made various websites using web languages and CMS (WordPress & Joomla).
        • Have worked as a high-school IT teacher.
        • Have worked as an IT instructor in adult classes.
        • Have taught programming to university students.
        • Have provided administrative and technical consultation in the local branch of administration offices of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs.
        • Have authored database handbooks for university students.

iOS Authorship

Writing iOS programming tutorials has been a big chapter for me, as I’ve authored tens of them over the last few years. I created my own blog and started writing there, but that didn’t last long. After a while I started contributed as an author in other tutorial websites, and from time to time in this one too. Here are the places where my programming posts can be found.

My own blog’s tutorials also feature on Chupamobile.

Other Skills (Computer-Related)

        • Perfect knowledge of Mac and Windows systems
        • Perfect knowledge of MS-Office
        • Very good knowledge of Openoffice
        • Very good knowledge of Linux systems
        • Very good knowledge of Joomla and WordPress CMS systems
        • Perfect knowledge of computer hardware

Spoken Languages

        • Greek
        • English

Other Interests & Hobbies

      • Reading books
      • Playing computer games
      • Playing the guitar
      • Cooking (!)