About Me


I am Gabriel Theodoropoulos, an iOS developer since 2010 and I write code in Swift. I decided recently to start publishing macOS apps and writing macOS tutorials too. Besides that, I always mess with other programming and tech stuff.


I have 16+ years of professional experience in programming and software development, specialized in iOS since 2010. I have developed innumerable programs and applications for mobile, desktop and web using almost a dozen of programming languages. My first steps in development and computer software were made in a really young age and I have been lucky enough to see computers and information technology being transformed tremendously over the course of time.

Focusing on iOS development for almost the last decade, and on macOS programming for a shorter amount of time, I am mostly specialized in (but not limited to):

  • Using RESTful APIs and web services
  • Creating custom frameworks and components
  • Integrating both iOS and 3rd party SDKs
  • Implementing UI both graphically and in code
  • Managing databases and data structures
  • Applying best programming practices & design patterns

I have been using Swift since 2014, but I used Objective-C prior to that. I work with Node.js and Javascript or PHP and Slim Framework from time to time  to implement web services for my applications.

In addition to my developer career I have also been a programming tutorial author, having written almost 100 tutorials so far mostly for well known educational websites. I have been an IT teacher and instructor, and open source code contributor to Github.

I have a Bachelor degree after 4 years of studies at the Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece, with major fields being:

  • Programming
  • Industrial Informatics
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Databases
  • Web Technologies

I speak Greek & English.

For reference, the following are the programming languages that I used in the past: HTML (+CSS), C++, Visual C#, Java, Visual Basic, VBA, and bit of C and Pascal. Regarding databases, I’m mostly experienced in MySQL, SQLite & MS-Access.