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How To Scan QR Code Using AVFoundation Framework

iOS 7 brings a wealth of new features that set it apart from all other mobile operating systems. Both major additions and minor improvements have been made, offering developers new or updated frameworks and APIs to work with, and the opportunity to provide single users with a much richer experience. The AVFoundation framework is just one of them, as it has accepted great enhancements and new class additions that make even more tools available. One of the new features that...

MobileTuts+: Xcode 5 Essentials

Xcode 5 incorporates a lot of new features, as well as too many updates that make development even easier! Read about all Xcode 5 Essentials on this new tutorial on MobileTuts+.

Xcode 5 Essentials

Xcode 5 is a major step forward for the Apple ecosystem, bringing more possibilities, features, and tools to developers than ever before. With Version 5, Xcode has grown into an extremely powerful IDE. Read this article to learn what’s new!

Multitasking Enhancements

This tutorial will teach you all about the latest multitasking enhancements provided by the iOS 7 SDK. Specifically, you’ll learn about the Background Fetch, Remote Notifications, and Background Transfer Service APIs. Read on!