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GTStorable is a Swift protocol which provides standard file operations for types conforming to Codable protocol. Check it out on GitHub!

RESTful API Tutorial: How to Upload Files to a Server

Welcome to a new, hopefully exciting tutorial! In a previous post I showed to you the process of creating a custom class that manages web requests and RESTful APIs. Today, we will keep building on it, as I would like to focus on a specific use case: How to upload files to a server! Uploading files might not be one of the most common things when dealing with web services. However, it can be proved to be a tedious task...


    GTEasyLayout is a small framework written in Swift which aims to minimise the effort of setting up constraints programmatically when implementing UI in iOS apps. It’s the perfect tool to use when constraints are not extremely complicated and typing a bunch of similar lines for multiple views becomes tiring and anti-productive. Check it out on GitHub!

RESTful APIs Tutorial: Creating Your Own Lightweight REST Library in Swift

Most applications nowadays communicate with servers to exchange data, and they do so by consuming RESTful APIs, also called RESTful web services. Using REST, applications can send requests to servers, and servers send responses as answers back to client apps. The whole communication is based on standard rules that REST architectural style defines. Obviously, developers are meant to be able to use RESTful APIs either by integrating third-party libraries to their projects, or by implementing their own solution to achieve...


    A lightweight Swift library for making web requests and consuming RESTful APIs!

Using Google Cloud Translation API to Power Your App with Instant Translation

One of the several services and APIs that developers can use from Google is the Cloud Translation API, which offers the ability to perform machine learning (ML) based translations of any string into any supported language. The list of supported languages is long and it’s getting longer over time. Google provides pre-trained models for translation, but custom models can be trained as well. And as we will find out soon in this tutorial, translation is fast, accurate, and of high-quality....

Techniques in Loading View Controllers and Passing Values Between Them – Part 1

Most iOS apps that show multiple content, also contain multiple view controllers. If your app is not based on a navigation controller or a tab bar controller, but it’s a single view based application, then loading and presenting the various view controllers to the user it’s a task that has to be done manually. Generally speaking, loading view controllers either through storyboards or purely programmatically is not a hard job, however how easy or straightforward are all these for a new...