macOS Programming: Understanding Text Controls and Building a Simple Text Editing App

Welcome to another tutorial where we’ll keep exploring fundamental stuff on macOS programming world. Today we are going to focus on a commonly used family of controls which are vital to every application. Their primary purpose is to gather user input as well as to display certain message types to users. We are going to talk about text controls.

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Creating a Custom Text Input View

ios-sdk_custom-input_preview Developing an amazing application is not a simple job. Traditionally, one of the most difficult aspects of doing so has been creating rich, compelling interfaces. This tutorial will teach you how to build a custom text input view that will help make your own apps shine!

This tutorial is the first in a collection on building custom interface elements. In this tutorial, we will cover customized text input views, and in the next two tutorials we will go over custom accordion menus and alert views. The series format is as follows:

  • Creating a Custom Text Input View
  • Creating a Custom Accordion Menu
  • Creating a Custom Alert View

In this tutorial we are going to create a simple list application, which will incorporate some basic features. In this example, our app will only be able to add and edit items using our brand new custom text input view. The final project of this tutorial is going to be the base for the next one, where we are going to create an accordion menu to provide the user with some options. In the third and last tutorial, we will use the final project of the second tutorial to create a custom alert view.

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